Arial100 is a herd of the typefaces Arial that distorted through its process of reproduction, started in 2019 from the project called Arial replica, an imitation of the imitation from Helvetica to Arial then from Arial to Arial replica. The project contained
Arial replica 1 by 1
Arial replica 1 by 10
The replica 1 by 1 is an almost indistinguishable replica of Arial. However, it is all made out of straight lines. While The replica 1 by 10 is the same font but the size is reduced by 10 times. Due to the inability to process all of the points, FontLab reduced the number of points which leads to further distortion. Later in the same year, using Arial replicas as references, I made another imitation of Arial, using only ellipsis forms to measure and rebuild Arial’s bodies, this font is called
. In 2021, follow through the reproduction cycle, I came back using CSS filter to imitate Arial replica 1 by 10, with its pixelated texture, I made
Arial 1 by 10 light
Arial 1 by 10 regular
Arial 1 by 10 17

Each typeface is 36 EUR per license

To buy is to mail to
+31 6 84 143 354